Why Passivhaus?

The ultimate in thermal efficiency.
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Passivhaus overview

The Passivhaus approach focuses on fabric first construction – creating an airtight, super-insulated building. Heating is drawn from the sun as much as possible, with powered heating installed only where necessary. All this is supported by ventilation and heat recovery systems to create a low carbon home.

Working correctly with the position of the building is important, allowing it to absorb heat from the sun and providing shading at the appropriate.

When put together, these relatively simple principles make a dramatic difference to the performance of your home. For example, the total energy needed to run a Passivhaus should typically be 80% lower than a standard new-build home, A good part of that performance comes from the air tightness of a Passivhaus, which should also be 80% better than a standard new-build.

But a Passivhaus provides more than just energy efficiency. The density of the building structure will serve  to provide an usually a quiet house to live in – people describe them as “serene”. And there are health benefits from the cleanliness of the filtered air of the heat recovery system it improves your air quality – while lowering your bills.

Whether you’re looking to build, renovate or extend your home, Passivhaus principles can be applied to your project.

Our approach to the design looks at form before function to ensure that any home is elegant and balanced, then we bring it all together using Passivhaus principles, to make it work in practice. And with every element performing as efficiently as possible, we aim to avoid the cost and complexity of unnecessary technologies, we only deploy renewable energy sources where appropriate – and not simply to enable the building to meet the low energy standards.

A Passivhaus can provide a comfortable environment for you to live in. A home that’s a pleasant place to be – come winter or summer, rain or shine.

In our view, building to Passivhaus standards is the best way to use the resources available to us – providing the most carbon-efficient living solution achievable in the world today.