Made In Place Homes have secured planning for a 3 story EcoHome in the seaside town of Felpham, West Sussex.

The project, which will kick off in September 2021, will include the demolition of an existing property and the build of a new 450m2 modern seaside dwelling to our own EcoHome standard.

The design follows the fabric first approach of Passivhaus, with the aim of achieving an air tightness value below 0.6 air changes/ hr @ n50, using only insulated concrete block, insulation board and a sophisticated external render.

A spokesperson for  Made In Place Homes says: “We’re excited that we’ve secured this project for our client. Building on a beach front will always have its challenges with the extremities of seaside weather. But we’ve created a home that looks fantastic, provides a serene environment inside, that can stand up to the elements and have minimal impact in terms of energy consumption. What more could you ask for?”

With increased insulation and detailing, the home will be draught free ensuring that little to no heating or cooling is required. It means that less energy will be needed to heat the home, reducing energy bills for the owners. The property will be fitted with a state-of-the-art ventilation system to provide optimum air quality and comfort levels, and will not require solar PV or an air source heat pump due to low energy demand from the building.

In addition to the design of the property, Made In Place Homes will also be the main contractor to ensure quality and timely project management.

The project is due to be completed in early summer 2022.